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Photo courtesy of University of Texas Advanced Computing Center & AMD

AMD-Powered Supercomputer Aiding in Oil Spill Research

University researchers are using the "Ranger" supercomputer to create high resolution models to study the environmental impact of the Gulf oil spill on coastal areas.
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AMD Community Corps Corner

From elderly and disabled persons in Singapore to fishermen in Malaysia, people around the globe are benefiting from the outstanding community service efforts of AMD volunteers.
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Katy Wells
AMD Executive Perspective

Katy Wells, Corporate Vice President. Office of CEO, Operations & Alliances, offers her thoughts on the current state of corporate responsibility at AMD and the future opportunities for the company in this space.
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AMD Q2 2010 Update

"There is only one institution on earth large enough, powerful enough, pervasive enough, influential enough to really lead humankind in a different direction. And that is the institution of business and industry." -Paul Hawken

Director's Letter: "Building the plane while flying"

Six months and counting where does the time go? Since I joined AMD around the beginning of the year, we have not stopped moving.
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The Deep Dive: AMD Changing the Game

In June, AMD marked the second anniversary of the creation of the AMD Foundation and its signature education initiative AMD Changing the Game. To paraphrase the old saying, "What a difference two years makes." In 2010, the program has experienced increased momentum and support, with new national and international partners joining the effort, and a Web-based game design curriculum with exponential potential. All told, these efforts are helping youth increase their critical Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills, and helping them become more globally conscious citizens. Below find some highlights of key 2010 AMD Changing the Game program announcements, and why they're so important to the future of game development education and to our youth around the world.

  • It's about education To keep students interested in the vital Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills, the Worldwide Workshop Foundation has created Globaloria, an in-school Web & game design curriculum that motivates youth to learn more. AMD was proud to help sponsor this program in conjunction with Southwest Key and the East Austin College Prep Academy.
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  • It's about the kids One of the country's foremost non-profits for youth, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, has partnered with AMD to implement the Club Tech: Game Tech game development program in several new clubs across the United States.
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  • It's about important social issues and nurturing good global citizens This summer, students participating in Schmahl Science Workshops will develop a sustainable fishing video game to communicate "the danger of over fishing to long-term human survival."
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  • It's about keeping kids motivated about learning In March, AMD announced its sponsorship of the new video game design category in one of the pre-eminent academic competitions the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.
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  • It's about uniting educators, game designers, government, and non-profits In April, AMD hosted the inaugural Game on! Texas symposium. The day-long event, planned to occur annually at AMD's Austin campus, brought together education and business officials to improve Texas' existing digital media and video game education programs, while highlighting how educators are teaching game development to inspire kids in subjects such as math and science.

  • It's about being global and going global Earlier this year, AMD also announced the first international deployment of AMD Changing the Game in Malaysia, co-sponsoring the 2010 Malaysian Cybergames Festival.
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