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Building momentum - AMD Corporate Responsibility


Presenting AMD's 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

On behalf of the employees and management of AMD, we are pleased to present our corporate responsibility report for 2010.  In this, our 16th consecutive report, we outline our goals, performance, and plans for continuously improving our record on corporate responsibility. 

This year's report covers some major changes for AMD, and sets our future direction for corporate responsibility.  Some of our 2010 highlights include:

  • Increased our reporting under the Global Reporting Initiative and improved our score from a "B" to an "A" (self-declared) in 2010.
  • Established new strategies to manage corporate responsibility that are in line with our current business model.
  • Expanded our Foundation's signature initiative "AMD Changing the Game" a program that teaches youth science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills through the creation of video games to 3,000 young people in 3 countries.
  • Developed a set of aggressive environmental goals based on our current business model.
  • Demonstrated that our new Accelerated Processing Unit, the E-350 APU (a new technology that combines a microprocessor and graphics processor) has a carbon footprint that is up to 40% smaller than previous technology generations. Read the full study here.  
  • Aligned our employee volunteerism program with professional development branded AMD Community Corps., and increased the number of employee volunteers by 30 percent in the process. Read more about AMD in the Community here.

To read even more, please download our 2010 report.

While corporate responsibility reporting has become increasingly common and these reports are lengthy, we continue to find value in the process and result.  Not only is this report a window for you our valued stakeholders to view and comment on our performance, for us it is a reflection of our progress.  In other words, corporate responsibility reporting is a management tool at AMD that helps us to identify the areas of strength in our corporate responsibility programs, as well as those that need extra focus.

We hope that you will find this report informative, thought provoking, and valuable.  We are interested in your feedback.  Please contact us with your comments and input on how we can improve our programs and reporting going forward.


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