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Building momentum - AMD Corporate Responsibility - Sepecial Edition: The Central Texas Wildfires

AMD’s CEO Rory Read
The Central Texas Wildfires and AMD Employees

Rory Read AMD's new CEO Austin is AMD’s largest site, so when wildfires erupted in the region, we were concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our employees and our neighbors in the community. As the news of the fire broke over Labor Day weekend, our team sprang into action to account for every employee living in the impacted areas. All told, more than 200 AMD employees were adversely affected and three tragically lost their homes.

Wildfires of this scale are unprecedented here, and these fires destroyed the highest number of homes for a single fire event in Texas history. The region has now been declared a federal disaster area, and it will take many months to fully recover.

As firefighters gain the upper hand battling the blazes, our attention has turned to recovery. Currently, the Red Cross and other local agencies are assisting our employees and neighbors who have been impacted by the blaze. The AMD Foundation has donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross of Central Texas, and will match employee donations as well. To date, AMD Gatthering Aidemployees have donated more than $28,000, which AMD will match dollar for dollar.

Over and above the monetary donations, AMD employees are turning out in force to help with the relief effort, distributing bulk items and cleanup supplies, and taking donations from the public at a local TV station’s phone bank.

Manning the phonesWhile our employees always respond to help those in need around the world, this disaster struck close to home for many AMDers. Pulling together to help each other and our community shows the true character of our company and makes me proud to lead such a dedicated and caring workforce.

Special Edition Update - The 2011 Central Texas Wildfires

Bastrop Wild FireThe worst wildfires in Texas history swept through Central Texas in September 2011. This special edition of AMD’s Corporate Responsibility Update provides an overview of the situation,and the relief effort, and includes a link to help the victims of the disaster.

Flames engulf vegetation near Bastrop State Park as a wildfire burns out of control near Bastrop, Texas, September 5, 2011.
Source: Reuters

AMD’s Global Community Affairs Director Ward Tisdale
AMD giving and how you can help

AMD employees can be a pretty predictable lot, particularly when it comes to helping people impacted by natural disasters. They just always want to help, no matter where it is. Since the South Asian tsunami in 2004, AMD and its employees have contributed more than $2,700,000 to assist relief efforts in disasters around the world, including Hurricane Katrina in the United States and earthquakes in China, Haiti and Japan, to name a few. Of that amount, $756,000 came straight from employees themselves. That says a lot about our culture, our workforce and its willingness to give to those in need.

In Austin, AMD’s more than 2,500 employees were top of mind when reports of widespread fires hit the local news early on Labor Day. Shortly thereafter, about a dozen AMD employees were mobilized to contact the 200 or so fellow employees who lived in the affected areas, most notably Bastrop, a town about 30 miles east of Austin, Steiner Ranch, a large subdivision just west of the capital and Spicewood, a community located about 20 miles northwest of Austin.

Throughout the day, the team contacted employees to make sure they were okay. Unfortunately we learned of three employees who had lost their homes, but thankfully, everyone was safe and accounted for. It could have been much worse. I personally reached out to 20 fellow AMDers and could hear in their voices how appreciative they were that their company cared enough to check on them and offer help if needed.

After checking on employees, the next priority was to consider how the company could support the relief effort. The AMD Foundation made a lead contribution to the American Red Cross of Central Texas, and now employees are contributing both their time and personal funds to help their neighbors affected by the fires.

And that’s not all. About 45 employee volunteers have manned a phone bank at local TV station KEYE-TV, lent their expertise at a legal clinic in Bastrop, and helped distribute needed supplies at a local Home Depot.

The semiconductor industry is a fast-paced, highly competitive work environment. Our employees work very hard to keep AMD at the cutting edge in technology and innovation. But despite their busy work lives, AMD employees never fail to step up when their colleagues and communities are in need. You can count on it.

If you would like to support the relief effort, click here to donate to the American Red Cross of Central Texas.


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