AMD - The future is fusion
|     September 2010
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  Learn the Five Things You Need to Know to Sell the AMD Phenom™ II X6 processor:
  »  Six core power. Unbeatable value.
  »  Massive performance headroom for home/work/play fun.
  »  Direct Connect Architecture to drive the most demanding applications.
  »  Incredible system agility for 3D gaming and ultra-high resolution entertainment.
  »  VISION Technology is unlocked visual performance.

In this issue:
»  Role of IT Partners Changing, say Tech Leadership Panel
»  Selling AMD Processors: Customer, Positioning & Price
»  Solutions in a Small World (Gerald Youngblood Series 2 of 4)
» Loving ATI Graphics: "Games scream on iMac..."
David Kenyon Has it been one year already?

It was one year ago this month that we introduced the AMD Fusion Partner Program, and kicked off our first global partner program to help ensure your success in the market. To that end, we will host a webcast on September 27 to introduce several new additions to the program, celebrate the program's one year anniversary and address any questions you may have to ensure your partnership with AMD is a winning one.

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CompTIA: Cloud Computing, Managed IT Changing the Marketplace for Channel Partners
.Cloud computing and managed IT services offer business opportunities for IT channel partners ready to adapt to the changing marketplace, said a panel of senior executives from leading technology companies at CompTIA Breakaway 2010. They agreed that while the role of their channel partners is evolving, the VARs, system integrators and solution providers they work with are still critical to their business plans. "As a product vendor, we can only get the ball about half way there," said Ross Brown of Microsoft.

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»  Join us September 29th for a Meet the Expert Live Webcast featuring the AMD Phenom™ II X6 Processor!
Password: mte09amd
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»  Thoughts on Emerging Markets: Brazil
»  Price is what you pay, Value is what you get
Industry News
»  AMD-powered Supercomputer Aiding in Oil Spill Research
»  AMD Technology Allows Studio to Slice through Special Effects Work in New "Machete" Film
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»  Getting Cloud Ready
»  A Look At AMD's Latest Six-Core
»  Cloud Computing Clusters For Dummies - find out why the processor matters for the cloud
»  How Do You Measure the Growth of the Cloud?
»  New AMD Platform Power Savings Estimator
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»  AMD Opteron ™ 4000 Series platform assets now available
»  Sales Sheet:
The AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series Platform
»  Cheat Sheet: AMD VISION Technology with the
AMD Phenom™ II X3 Processor
»  Competitive Videos: Highlighting how VISION Technology from AMD provides an excellent experience for Digital Photography and HD Video
Selling AMD Processors: Customer, Positioning & Price
  AMD Athlon™ II X4
635 Processor
AMD Phenom™ II X2
555 BE Processor
AMD Phenom™ II X4
955 BE Processor
AMD Phenom™ II X6
1055T Processor
Target Entry level
Entry level gamer Gamer/enthusiast on a budget/overclocker Enthusiast/megatasker
Positioning Quad core for under $100 Extremely fast/low-end overclocker System performance at highest levels massive performance headroom/supports HD gaming & content creation
Price1 Under $100 Under $100 Under $160 The only six-core under $200

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"Solutions in a Small World: The Words Have Meaning"
Solutions in a small WorldThe second of four articles by Gerald Youngblood examining examples from key regions in order to demonstrate how solution providers can learn from business innovations worldwide and apply it to drive profitability. Read an excerpt below:

" most Asian countries a tendency to communicate more with body language or intonation makes them high context areas.
These cultural differences manifest themselves in both online and offline advertisements. The vibrant visuals of city streets in Tokyo and dynamic billboards in Seoul speak to the importance of striking images in connecting to the masses in a high context environment.

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ATI Radeon™ Premium GraphicsCRNs 5 Companies That Came To Win This Week recently featured ATI for the sizzling graphics experience on the new iMacs and Mac Pro:

AMD's ATI graphics business got a big boost this week scoring the graphics business from rival NVIDIA for the new line of iMacs and the new Mac Pro. Games scream on iMac, thanks to advanced ATI graphics, boasts Apple in a tout on the Apple website.

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